Children's Entertainment in Sheffield

Kimmo and Barmy Bella a married couple who provide children’s entertainment in Sheffield and the whole of South Yorkshire. Additionally, they also cover Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands and Hope Valley. Whether you are looking for a magician, a ventriloquist a balloon modeller or all of the above, Kimmo and Barmy Bella can provide kids shows to fit the bill. This is the best in children’s entertainment. In conclusion, they are the best children’s entertainers in the United kingdom.

Children's Entertainment in Sheffield. Barmy Bella holding a sign.


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There are many options for children’s entertainment in Sheffield. Whether it is Sparky Marky or Barney Baloney or even a party company like DNA Kids or Non Stop Kids, the choice is bewildering. However, awesome parties provides the best of both worlds. That is to say, we are neither a huge party conglomerate with faceless inexperienced minions who received only one day’s training. Nor are we a one man band with an old fashioned act that is stuck in the 1970’s. In conclusion, we can promise you the best children’s party entertainment in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire. 


Simply fill in the form below to receive a quote by email. Please remember to tell us the location of your venue:

Children's entertainment in sheffield

Sheffield children’s entertainers  Kimmo and Barmy Bella are a married couple who do the same job. Consequently, they spend much of their life at parties. That is to say, birthday events for children in the Sheffield and South Yorkshire area. However, they also perform Magic and ventriloquism shows for children in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Hope Valley and the East Midlands. Additionally, Kimmo travels all over the world. For instance, he has performed in Canada, the USA and will be travelling to Australia for the first time next year. In short, he’s busy and travels a lot! To sum up, you will need to book early, so pick up the phone!
Barmy Bella has been providing a specialised children’s party entertainment service in Sheffield  for over 10 years. in short, she has gone from being a newcomer to kids parties in the area and is now the best and most popular female birthday party magician!

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